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I, Ogata, studied traditional Japanese flower arranging and worked in the American flower industry for 28 years.

Production manager for a flower shop and event company

After managing an event company,many eventsWhile working on

Events coming one after another

flowers that are still aliveI felt guilty that I had to let go.

Flowers are meant to heal people,

Every day is full of stress.

“What on earth am I doing?”

andI had doubtsIn 2016,

I had an encounter with flower therapy,

I have continued to expand my method by combining flowers and psychology.


The reason why you think flowers are expensive is because
The flowers sold at the flower shop
You might think it's a flower.
If you look carefully around you,
Usually it doesn't seem to catch my eye
There will be small flowers.
What is the flower saying to you?
Flowers will tell you your “hidden”
Using a method that brings out
By listening to your true voice,
My mission is to attract your wishes.


What are flowers and nature for and for whom?

It separates the flower from its roots,cut down the forest

to us

It provides a spiritually rich life.

I think so.

If it,

We who benefit from it

Cherish their short lives,

The next step is to connect

Have to.

The final vision I reach is


Living a natural life

Through traditional Japanese food "fermentation" etc.

It's about food education.

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