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​My childhood memories are that my mother was a good cook and my father had an eye for delicious food.
I think my tongue has grown thicker because of my parents' encouragement.


When I was in my 20s, I heard stories about eating organic food and avoiding additives to maintain a healthy body.

I happened to stop by a bookstore and found a cookbook that taught me how to protect the global environment by becoming a vegetarian.

I was incorporating vegetarian food into my daily diet.
Later, there was a time when I learned about macrobiotics and had a strict diet.

Ogata-Tei Logo January.png


By calling yourself a vegetarian

I was building a wall with people.

break that wall

Teach the importance of food

“Food education”

Convert to

In 2019, it was named “Ogatei”

Open a home restaurant


By changing the diet

Don't rely on medicine

Prepare your mind and body

Have a lively life

Live together

Creating such a world

that is

Ogata's big dream

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