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Mami Ogata

Thank you for connecting to my personal website



You seem to have been guided by the thread of energy I send



What does "The Art of Life" mean?

"Creating your life"

Means to say



Each person creates and walks his or her own life

And each one has a story



My story looks like this



Shy and emotional childhood

As much as it was written in the elementary school report card

But when I think about it now, why shouldn't I be shy?

What's wrong with emotions



Japanese education suppresses one's emotions

It is a virtue to keep it out of the open



My true feelings remained squeezed into the closet of my heart



However, the times change from soil to wind and then to water.

I was waiting for this time



Parents divorced at an early age

My mother passed away at the age of 21

Married to an American who met in Japan before his 30s, went to the United States, divorced

Meet and marry your current husband

First child in 40s

And this year will be the 60th birthday



Worked in the flower industry, which I admired because I loved flowers and nature

We handle flowers for weddings, parties, events, hotels, etc. Not only in the United States

I also experienced the dream of working abroad as a flower



I was interested in food and health when I was in my twenties

Started a diet that incorporates organically grown and additive-free foods

Also, by reducing meat eating

I also learned by myself that I can live a life that is kind to the global environment.



2007 Husband diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia

Learn macrobiotics

Hear from my uncle who overcame colorectal cancer about illness and peace of mind

I started meditation



Around this time, I started to be interested in spirituality

Read a lot of books

Participate in the course

Launched Healing Arts with friends in 2016

In the same year, I learned a method that combines flowers and psychology.



In 2020, a corona vortex occurred and it continues to the present.



Where I finally arrived

By correcting the food

Increases the body's immunity

It makes a healthy mind


Is to have



I met a lot of friends who sympathize with my thoughts

While continuing to study

With you



A lifestyle in which people live in good health



Each person



"The Art of Your Life"



I want to help you create



"First from where you can"
















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