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Barley koji using organic barley brewed by hand without electricity


As shown in the photo, wrapped in a blanket called Kamofu, which is handmade and is the only one in the world,

Ogatei's koji is carefully made.


It will take some time as it will be made after receiving your order.

Mass production is not possible. One order is limited to a maximum of 3kg.


Brewing koji is the same as brewing life.

The joy of delivering koji that we have grown with our own hands to everyone, believing in the power of bacteria,

I feel like a parent sending their child out into society.

Please enjoy it and use it for making miso and fermented seasonings.


Quantity that can be ordered

500g $15

1kg     $30

2kg     $55

3kg.    $85


Ships within the United States via Priority Mail.







Organic barley Koji

500 Grams
  • Handmade organic barley koji brewed without electricity

    Ingredients: Raw koji made from organic barley

    Size: from 500g

    Starting with Japan's representative fermented food, miso, if you have fermented seasonings, amazake, and rice bran, please use them as secret ingredients.

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