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Niwa Japanese BBQ

Soy Sauce Happy Time

Soy sauce making workshop

Soy Sauce Happy Time
Soy Sauce Happy Time


2024年3月06日 10:30 – 12:30 GMT-6

Niwa Japanese BBQ, 2939 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226, USA


Additive-free soy sauce-making workshop

I had always thought that I would buy soy sauce and miso at the store, but after learning how to make koji, I was able to make my fermented seasonings, 

and I rarely buy store-bought ones anymore. 

Generally sold fermented seasonings contain preservatives and additives.

Do you know crickets soy sauce and miso are now on the markets?

Is this also due to concerns about food shortages?

Soy sauce is made from only three ingredients.

soybean koji



Just mix these simple ingredients and let it sit,

You can make soy sauce.

In this soy sauce-making workshop, I will demonstrate the process of making soybean koji, but the soy sauce is made by simply mixing the soybean koji that Ogata brewed.

Once you eat it, you will never go back to the taste of the store!

Let's pass on Japanese fermented food to our children.

At the soy sauce workshop, you can learn the following:

✅How to make soybean koji

✅ Soy sauce history

✅ Making soy sauce

✅Ogata Tei soy sauce tasting

Price: $79

Price includes: soybean koji, barley, sea salt, container, tasting


Niwa Japanese BBQ

2939 Main St, Dallas TX 75226

Host: Chef Jimmy Niwa

Instructor : Mami Ogata


  • Soy sauce making workshop

    手数料 +$1.98




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