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The Heart Bureau

Miso Happy Time

Easy miso making workshop

Miso Happy Time
Miso Happy Time


2023年4月11日 14:00 – 15:30 GMT-5

The Heart Bureau, 75 Mountain Street Eureka Spring, AR 72632


Once you eat it, you will never go back to a store to buy miso!

“Miso” can be said to be a representative seasoning from Japan.

In the past, Japanese people used to make everything by hand.

There are many types of miso available in stores and online, but unfortunately, most miso contains preservatives and additives.

I started with the desire to revive the fact that you can easily make your own homemade miso.

You will suprised!

Miso benefit:

✅ Boost immunity

✅ Trim the intestinal environment


✅Take care of your stomach

✅ Lower the risk of lifestyle-related diseases and cancer

✅ Radiation countermeasures

✅Miso does not cause soy allergy

Price: $75

Price includes chickpeas, 500g, rice koji 250g, sea salt 100g, container, miso tasting, and recipes.

We are look forward to seeing you at Miso Happy Time


  • Miso Happy Time

    Easy miso making workshop.

    手数料 +$1.88




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