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Frisco Classroom - Beeswax Wrap Making

Say goodbye to “disposable guilt” Let's make eco-friendly beeswax wraps.

Frisco Classroom - Beeswax Wrap Making
Frisco Classroom - Beeswax Wrap Making

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frisco, Frisco, Texas, United States

About the event

Goodbye “disposable crime”

Let's all make eco-friendly beeswax wraps together!  

Chisato Mami always thinks that plastic is convenient, but now that environmental problems and pollution are becoming more serious,

How can we reduce plastic waste?

Saran wrap and ziplock bags are convenient, but when I thought about what to replace them with,

I thought it might be a good idea to make beeswax wraps.

I will never use plastic wrap again! Rather than getting excited,

Our suggestion is to have fun using handmade wraps with cute patterns.

Can beeswax wrap really replace plastic wrap? Some people may think so.

We will also tell you about the good points and bad points of beeswax wrap during the workshop.

What is beeswax wrap:

It is made by coating cloth with beeswax (the wax secreted by worker bees to build their nests), natural resins, and vegetable oils.

You can wrap it up and store it, cover it with it, use it as a lid, or wrap it around sandwiches, rice balls, and snacks to carry it around.

What you will learn in this workshop:

①Learn how to make handmade beeswax wraps

②How to use, handle and care for beeswax wrap

③Learn about environmental issues related to plastics

Recommended for:

✅People who like handmade crafts

✅Those who want to reduce plastic in their home as much as possible

✅Those who want to learn how to make beeswax wraps as holiday gifts

✅Those who want to learn about the environmental issues of plastics

✅People who want to enjoy socializing with people

What you need to prepare:

① There is no limit to the number of 100% cotton cloth in your favorite pattern (as long as it is your favorite pattern).

Where to buy fabric: Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric sotre, Etsy, etc.

② Scissors that can cut fabric (pinking scissors are also good)


④Bath towel (something you don’t mind getting dirty)

Other materials are available here.

We also sell Ogatei's handmade raw koji and sea salt in the classroom, so please feel free to use them.

*After the workshop, there will be a potluck (each person brings a side dish) as a networking event.

Participation is free, so please let us know.

*The address of the classroom will be sent to those who have applied by email.


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